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I would describe myself as a 'work-hard play-hard' type of person. I have been in school and training for some time now and I'm ready to enjoy my life. I enjoy travelling, writing, and learning about health. I want to live a healthy life and be a role model to my kids. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am a very social person and I can make friends with just about anyone. I would like someone who is self-confident, mature, funny, smart and good-looking...If this describes you...I think I'll be compatible with you! This process is very difficult and I hope Allah helps us all find the right person for us. Good luck, salam! Religion to me is more than the wajibats...I prefer to view it as a way of life. I am spiritual and very connected to Allah swt. I know my purpose in life and I'm proud of my religion and beliefs. I work at improving my commitment to namaz and quran. I want my kids to be well connected to Allah and understand why the imam gave his life for our religion. People think it's difficult to live in the U.S. and follow Islam, but I was raised here my whole life and alham. I think I turned out pretty good. I want someone who is open to a real marriage where two people are best friends as well as in love. I guess I'm a hopeless romantic. I have seen real love in my own parents and I want that for myself. I want someone who works hard, cares for his family and has Allah in his life. I need a good role model for my future kids!