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But what I find most important is that he is true to himself, someone who does not wear religion on his sleeves but practises it in his daily actions and behaviour. I will be supporting my husband in achieving his goals. I can not respect a man who has no selfrespect and respect for others or his family. Or a man who is reckless and not responsible in his actions. We are all human and we all make mistakes but one should always weigh the pros and cons when taking decisions . Being Conscious at all times and having love and fear of Allah and pleases for the sake of Allah and not the people. A person who can balances work , life , family and relationships with people Someone who will not quit when times become difficult and someone who will face the storm in the eye. You have to laugh at my dry sense of humor or atleast tell me honestly in the face that it was simply not Funny :P I can take criticism. Though I have a lot of qualities that will tick off your box and your mother would love me, I am not a conventional person (whatever a convential person may be like)I am just original . I am not as interesting as I people think I am, atleast that's what I believe. One shouldnt take him/herself too serious. Modesty is what makes a person beautiful :P I can hold serious conversations, but I love most to be relaxed , laugh and crack dry jokes. I can be quiet and have a level headed conversation , but seriously it doesn't always have to be about the World Order or world conspiracies.