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I am intelligent, wise, confident, attractive, easy going, laid back person with good sense of humour. I love to travel and seeing whole world. I am a very good cook that's + point for food lovers. I am very professional as well I love to study and do something innovative in my professional field. I have done doctor of pharmacy and I am looking for my PhD. I have one publication in my master level and I got scholarship from University for my PhD. I am very sensitive and honest person. I belong to syed shia well educated family and I am the eldest one. I am very cautious of Halal in my professional area I always try to earn money from halal way as in abroad it sometimes difficult but with the help of ALLAH and Punjtan Pak Alhamdulillah I never get anything from Haram. I consider myself moderately religious. I do basics of Islam regularly. I try to live my life with all sayings of Allah, His Prophet and Imam Ali (A.S.). I do not follow anything blindly I think religion itself is a personal thing which you can follow with your full heart. Its not for showing somebody that how much religious you are. I am syed and I am proud of it. I consider Bibi Fatima (A.S.) as my guiding star. I attend Majlis in Moharram and we also do ashra in Pakistan. I always eat halal food . I don't have any high demands for life partner but mandatory things are he should be well educated, intelligent, mature, professionally settled, confident with laid back personality. He must not drink alcohol and always eat halal. He must be caring, loving, trust-able and sensible. He knows how to balance between professional and personal life. He should knows the value of relations and respect my family and parents as he want to treat his family.