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To be honest everyone has their own criteria, i have just realised even though i come from a very traditional/open minded cultural and religious family i don't actually have a tick box. I never made a list, i left it all in Allah's hand. I trust in him, so Allah has the criteria for me. Ideally Persian, mainly Tehran because all my family are pure tehranis but that's too ambitious, finding a pure Tehran is hard. If they can honestly say they are in love with Allah, that can be enough for me. What more can one ask for? I want a true lover of ahlubayt, no matter what their origin may be. I am not a doctor yet, i am training to become one with Allah's help. I think i would prefer a doctor, but again it truly depends on the person. My sister is hardworking and never afraid to take a challenge but at the same time she is kind and caring, always striving to be a better person. She is highly creative with great sense of humour and personality. Very outgoing and adventurous. She is simple and gorgeous. Looking for a decent and ambitious guy who has a great sense of humour. A firm believer of Islam and takes pride in participating in majlis. Someone who enjoys travel and adventures. Most importantly looking for a person with whom she can blend her ideas and be inspired by every single day. She goes for majlis regularly in the month of muhurram and takes pride in it. She is looking for someone who has similar religious practises, with whom she can strive to be a better Muslim. The love of Ahlulbeit is very important to her, she is passionate about ziarat.