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Bushra Ali Beautiful Peshawar Girls Hot & Sexy Pictures Latest Desi Girls Fans

Who wants a crossing of Brad Pit vs Sharukh Khan, i think the breed would pretty look like a zombie , I am looking for superman to fly with and save on intercontinental flights, Spider Man to catch me when I am falling and Transformers because they are incredibly cool , but most of all who doesn't love He-man. But okay , I joined this site and not cartoon-network. What I find most important in a spouse and in general is that a person has his/ her own Free will , his own mind , a strong will and who isn't affraid, scared and easily influenced by other people. A person who has Taqwa and selfcontroll in all times, who likes to actualize , improve himself in all facets of life be it religiously in seeking nearness to god as well as in professional life and able to reflect upon his deeds. Someone who respects women , elder people and the weaker in our society. I think it should be obvious that he is confident, has merciful , is modest , and has a generous heart, someone who is passionate in what he is doing or wishes to achieve, modest, god fearing and the list goes on. Does that sound arrogant ? Well I would care less if it does kidding, not to sound conceited, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I will respect yours. I don't like plastic / artificial people who go where the wind blows them like a leaf without his/ her own will. I believe in the orignality and beauty of the individual. Meeting with strangers and people inspire me a lot. Sometimes they may be bad , some graces your life , but in all they do come on your path for a reason.