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To be honest everyone has their own criteria, i have just realised even though i come from a very traditional/open minded cultural and religious family i don't actually have a tick box. I never made a list, i left it all in Allah's hand. I trust in him, so Allah has the criteria for me. Ideally Persian, mainly Tehran because all my family are pure terrains but that's too ambitious, finding a pure Tehran is hard. If they can honestly say they are in love with Allah, that can be enough for me. What more can one ask for? I want a true lover of ahlubayt, no matter what their origin may be. I am not a doctor yet, i am training to become one with Allah's help. I think i would prefer a doctor, but again it truly depends on the person. I am looking for a partner who is open-minded, educated and family oriented. Someone who comes from a moderately religious background like me. I am from a moderate religious family,pray five times a day and keep roza attend majalis regularly.i am a very respectable and modest girl. Although me and my family firm in our Shia beliefs, my family is very open minded and I am looking for a guy who comes from a moderate family who holds strong to their faith but is also open minded like us. The hottest sexiest and nude girls pictures of Rawalpindi hot girls and mobile pictures. Ayesha Khokhar hot pics and mobile no. Kiran Nayab hot pics and mobile no Islamabad girls.