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Hot And Sexy Karachi School Rafia Pictures & Mobile No For Friendship

Like everyone else in the world my personal struggles have greatly influenced who I am today, Alhumdulillah. During my childhood divorce was a rather significant factor and thus Insha'Allah don't want to repeat that. I definitely have an introverted personality, so I'm pretty serious, quiet, and I would say polite as well, initially. However, when I'm relaxed I can also be pretty outgoing. At the moment I am in school, I'm actually finishing up an RN degree as I'd like to Insha'Allah one day work as a midwife. I'm also family oriented, so although I would like to be a midwife someday that's not my top priority at the moment. I have a variety of interests, from reading to numbers to skating to beading and various other things. I am from a moderate religious family,pray five times a day and keep roza attend majalis regularly.i am a very respectable and modest girl. Although me and my family firm in our Shia beliefs, my family is very open minded and I am looking for a guy who comes from a moderate family who holds strong to their faith. Hi there, im a fun loving individual who likes to enjoy life. May be described as a challenge so therefore looking for someone who's up to it. On a serious not im a spiritual individual who due to work spend alot of time in the spiritual realm so therefore need a well rounded individual, someone well grounded. I attend majalis and im a mataami and would therefore like the same.