What's Your Problem?


Wow, I am surprise Google/Blogger have yet to delete this blog. It has been a few weeks now since they have kicked me in the nuts by deleting the Gutter Uncensored blog. I hate getting kicked in the the nuts but getting kicked in the nuts is a part of life... Just make sure you have hard nuts or it will get to you! And if it get to you they win. The good news is Google has been kicking a lot of people in the nuts and the more people they kick in the nuts the closer we with smash nuts come to our win. Our victory depends on them being themselves going around kicking and smashing more and more nuts. Google is so big that before long they will have smashed so many nuts that they will be the most hated kid in the room. And everyone and his mother will be trying to smash Google's nuts. The antitrust suit is coming... Pres. Obama don't fail me now. Be FDR 2 and put them under your big old bus! Anyway, watch this clip and no it is not about nuts:

Go view it here on Youtube:


Source: http://www.blogywoodbabes.blogspot.com


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