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Here is Karissa Shannon wearing a bold dress having her boob flashed and doing the exiting the car paparazzi upskirt picture thing while attending the OK! Magazine USA's Fifth Anniversary Party held at La Vida in Hollywood Wednesday night. Karissa Shannon is a former Playboy Playmate who made a sex tape with Heidi Montag. So yeah, as you guys know Karissa is all over the place these days alongside her boyfriend Sam Jones III. Yeah, that guy pulling down part of her top and giving photographers a peek at something everyone has already seen a million times before. Just look at him, he look like a kid in a candy store without adult supervision. I don't know why he did it but whatever the case, as if we didn't already know, his girlfriend is a skank who doesn't mind being treated like a whore.

Karissa is all over the place these days and I don't get it... Sure she is famous for blowing Hef and being in an apparent fictional sex tape with Heidi Montag. So with all her new publicity the folks at OK! Magazine invited her to add class, sophistication and understated elegance to their event? Sure her areolas are huge but she does nothing other than skank up the place. And worse yet, she has a boyfriend so she is useless as pussy bait to attract more famous male celebrities to the event.

Anyway, I don't know if all this attention seeking is to pimp some lesbo sex tape with Hedi Montag or is she actually trying to make a career for herself. Sad truth is L.A. is full of girls that look like this... so the competition is fierce. Thus rumors of a girl-on-girl sex tape with another D-list slut is not a bad thing to have to separate your slut ass from the pack. Note the fact that no one is talking about her identical twin sister Kristina. The only reason why Karissa is somewhat relevant is because of that the whole Spencer and Heidi fake sex tape shit. She is a typical Hollywood whore but sometimes she look sexy. I mean she's kinda hot but slutty hot. And which man with a pulse wouldn't want to see her eating pussy, or vice versa, getting her pussy eaten. Karissa is going to be a great actress one day, she can do more than just bang Hugh Hefner and eat Heidi Montag. She can also walk around half-naked and bring smiles to many horny faces. Click on pictures to enlarge.

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Karissa Shannon (born October 2, 1989 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States) is an American model and Playboy Playmate. Karissa and her sister Kristina Shannon are twins who both were girlfriends of Hugh Hefner. They have also appeared on The Girls Next Door. www.blogywoodbabes.blogspot.com