Josh Harnett’s New Girlfriend Is Showy In The Shower With Her Huge Nipples


Josh Hartnett and his new girlfriend Romina Ferrera are in Ischia, Italy this week looking to spend some quality time together. And the paparazzi there to get some revealing celebrity candid pictures. Josh and Romina are also in town to check out all the festivities surrounding the Ischia Global Film & Music Festival. And yesterday, Romina gave the paparazzi a little more than they had bargained for from her when she got all showy while rinsing off in an outdoor shower. It is like she has no clue paparazzi exist or the fact film festivals are their favorite hunting ground. Now Romina Ferrera's huge nipples are more famous than Josh Harnett. I wonder how she feels having her tits plaster all over the web now. All she have to do now to see her boobs and nipples is to Google herself. Can you imagine her horror?

So she just started dating Josh Harnett. She want to be all classy and impress his sophisticated friends when she go on vacation with him. And then, total shock, when her shower outside in her itty bitty pink bikini and untie top and lift it up and away from her body, her nipple accidentally pops out! Seriously, if Romina think we bought the "oops" aspect here then she is dumb as a box of bricks. Of course she cannot be totally stupid, because she knows what the Internet likes. Yup, I think she saw the paps stalking her and she decided to be interesting for their cameras. Anyway, even though she isn't that hot, Josh still doesn't deserve to be in Italy dating a girl who wears skanky bikinis and casually flashes her breasts around. In every movie that he has ever been in his character is always a mumbling jackoff. He shouldn't even have a girlfriend to begin with. Click on pictures to enlarge.




Joshua Daniel "Josh" Hartnett (born July 21, 1978 in St Paul, Minnesota, United States) is an American actor and producer. He first came to audiences' attention in 1997 as "Michael 'Fitz' Fitzgerald" in the television series Cracker. He made his feature film debut in 1998, co-starring with Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later for Miramax. That same year, he received an MTV Movie Award nomination for Best Breakthrough Male Performance. Hartnett gained fame for his role as Cpt Danny Walker in Pearl Harbor, and has starred since then for a variety of well-known directors such as Ridley Scott, Brian de Palma, Robert Rodriguez, Tran Anh Hung and Michael Bay.

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