Hong Kong Teen Yagami Chan Post Racy Cleavage Photos On Facebook To Get Famous


The Facebook Teenage Cleavage Flasher is getting really famous! This girl, apparently from Taiwan but living in Hong Kong goes by the name of Yagami Chan. She love posting racy pictures of herself like Miley Cyrus. And the Yagami Chan 人生的記錄 fan page is now posted everywhere on Twitter, forums and blogs. And seemingly every teenager on Facebook in Southeast Asia is talking about her. Guys want to see her camwhoring photos and girls are calling her the worse names. They called her fat and ugly yet at last count her fan page had over 7,000 fans. She actually start the fan club on Facebook, and many people joined the group, to get famous. The page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/yagami-chan-ren-sheng-de-ji-lu/127390963949654 was getting really popular before it was closed by Facebook. But people are still talking about it, lucky the Google cache of the page a day before it was blocked is still up.

Yagami said she was posting her pictures in hopes some people will pay attention to her, and someone will fall in love with her. She said she wanted more friends and hope that people would join her fan club and support her. The reaction to her and this scandal she caused is amazing, especially from other girls. One young famale blogger say, "she is fat and fugly, not a part of her can be explain as sexy." Another young female blogger called her "HK Fatty Ball." While a third female blogger, a teenager from Malaysia said regarding Yagami Chan:
She posted all kinds of her SEXY PICS, all showin off her boobs one LOL.
such a disgrace to herself and us, girls. :(

Chinese girls on Facebook think she is a shame for all the females and especially a shame for Chinese females. While the guys are loving her cleavage. One guy commented on a web forum, "cover the face and attack the tits" in reponse to his friend that said "I never look at the face at all. not once." Another male had only one thing to say," FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP" The comments only get worse from there.

A concern person setup a page to asking people to report her to Facebook in an effort to remove her page after one day. Yagami Chan also had many people insulting her on her page, and many more asking her to show more. Yagami seem to be just a teenager, around 16 year-old to 19 year-old, not sure but when guess about 18. She posted over 100 self-shot photographs, all of which are of her showing off her boobs revealing tops and in bras. Apparently taking a page from Miley Cyrus book on how to use one's jail-bail teenage boobs to become more popular. Lots of people start discussions about her Facebook page and her scandalous pictures. The day before her fan club was removed from Faceboob the link was all over Twitter. People were even trying to get her password for her fully nude pics! YES, NUDE PICS. She told her "fans" on Facebook that she has naked pictures on her password protested Wretch album at: http://www.wretch.cc/album/yagami57 (you won't see anything) thus gaining more attention with this lure.

If you visited that site a few days ago, you would have been able to see the cover of one album with a picture of her apparently wearing nothing, but her boobs were covered with her hands and everything was strategically concealed. According to her, that album is filled with her nude pictures. But recently she change the cover and seem to have removed the nude pictures because the pic count for the album was reduce during the week. There is no proof of nude picture and no one have claim to see any but it is a rumor that Yagami Chan started herself. Below are 105 racy pictures she posted on Facebook. Sorry, but you will NOT see any nude pictures of her here on Gutter Uncensored. We don't have them and if we did, they could not be posted because it seems she could be an underage Miley Cyrus style camwhore wannabe.

People tried to ask for the password and some people reportedly hacked in the album, but didn't say what they saw or share the password. Anyway, Facebook actually closed her page and banned her fan club early on Wednesday. Over 7 thousands of her fans must now be disappointed. The pictures she uploaded to Facebook were not explicit but they were racy for a teenage girl. She claimed that she was given 10 warning letters from Facebook because her photos were getting too racy. She was getting more and more blow plus she didn't want to delete her pics so the page was shut down. Someone else has started a new page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yagami-Chan-Photos-Collection/130675643634558 as a fan club to Yagami Chan photo collection and already have nearly 600 fans.

Another interesting thing is that the pictures (for example here and here) she uploaded are still on Facebook's pic servers even though you cannot access the page through normal means. So they might be reviewing it in person to deciding whether or not to restore it after their suspicious automated detection system saw usually large traffic to the page. I don't know why so many people want to see these pictures. The only thing she is showing is cleavage, nothing more racy than we get from Miley. The only different is one is a famous Western girl while the other is a wannabe famous Chinese girl. I guess this is shocking behavior for young Asian girl in a place like Hong Kong. By the way, according to her she is 36C. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Source: http://www.blogywoodbabes.blogspot.com


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