Hong Kong Model Yan Ng Leaked Nude Pictures From Shocking Extortion Trial


Here are the nude pictures from last year's Hong Kong extortion sex scandal involving a well-known local model name Yan Ng. According to scandalous reports, 35 year-old married insurance manager Deng Wei Xiong (鄧偉雄) was charged with using nude photographs to extort two girls into dating him, sexual intercourse, giving him money and to pose for more nude photos and videos including two sex clips. In court documents and and in the Hong Kong press, Yan Ng was referred to as "Miss X" to protect her identity. As Miss X in court documents she recalled in 2006 when she first met with Deng in a "compensated" dating site. The intermittent development of sexual relations in residential locations (including Deng home), hotels, and at karaoke rooms, etc., during which Deng Wei Xiong photographed Miss X nude. He encouraged her to pose for over a hundred photos and two sex videos, but Deng promised not to show to others and that he would deleted at any time at Miss X request.

But he did not keep his word and used the photos she willingly made with him to force her to continue their relationship. Deng let Yan Ng a.k.a. Miss X know if she didn't provide her sexual services to him that he would leak her nude photographs to the public. Miss X was determined to escape from Deng's coercion the end of 2007, but was forced hard to continue. Deng wanted Miss X to sever their relationship especially the nude photography and video. But Deng made sure she knew he was blackmailing her saying that if she failed to meet his requirements, everything would be release. He start to ask her for money and he also asked her to introduce other girls to him for the exchange of compensated dating. Enjo-kōsai means "compensated dating" and is a practice which originated in Japan where older men agree to give money and/or luxury gifts to young attractive women for their companionship, and possibly sexual favors on the date.

By 2008 many girls were being blackmailed by him and it continued for another year. In June of last year, defendant Deng Wei Xiong pleaded not guilty that from July to October the year before he blackmail Miss Yan Ng out of 20 thousand yuan and her sexual services. Deng coerce the model to have sexual intercourse with him and to posing for more nude pictures and sex tapes involving him and the victim. It is believed that Miss X contacted the police in July 2008 and communications between Deng and Miss X were captured sealing the case again him for extortion. He also blackmailed other girls to produce more than a million yuan and for sexual intercourse. Most of the girls did not willingly contact the police and they did not want to press charges against Deng. Roughly translated, Hong Kong's Ming Pao Daily News reported:
When passing the sentence, the magistrate pointed out that the defendant as a person with a career, having the economic ability of a mature man, but the use of nude photos to blackmail powerless, girls as young as a 21-year-old student, as disgusting. But also said the victims live in fear all day now, suffering great pressure, repeated on every occasion. The magistrate said it was hard for me to tears, but the defendant has pleaded not guilty and the victim once again had to repeat the shame of her past, is rubbing salt into in her wound.

The defendant Deng Wei Xiong wrote letters to the magistrate earlier pleading that his wife find it hard to face. He said it was "a mistake of using money to buy sexual services, not to maintain a normal relationship between men and women." Deng said it was not blackmail, he only bought sex from the girls. He also refer to being shocked at the prosecution and express it was completely unexpected. The magistrate pointed out that the contents of the letter, saying that the defendant was morally wrong, doubtful of his remorse. He was charged with two counts of blackmail, on June 25, 2009 in Kwun Tong Court. And on August 20 was sentenced to 1 year in jail by the magistrate.

Anyway, here are some nude pictures of the popular model in Hong Kong. Her name is called Yan Ng. She is very popular among photographers in Hong Kong. She is famous for her swim suit posture and innocent appearance. She caused quite a scandal when it was revealed that she had been secretly taking some nude photo a few years back. These are believed to be those nude images but they only surfaced on the Internet quite recently. The pictures were taken in Hong Kong at a hotel. But before you see the 80 controversial naked photos, 25 of her regular sexy modeling are posted below. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Here are the leaked nudes:

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Yan Ng (22-year-old born in Hong Kong) is a female Hong Kong model and university student. She is believed to be the first victim in the Deng Wei-xiong blackmail case when Deng threaten to made her nude pictures public if she did not comply with his demands for her sexual services.


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