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Russian spies are back in vogue. Anna Chapman is one of 10 people across the United States accused of spying for the Russians over the past decade. Anna is one of 11 people worldwide accused by the United States of working as secret agents for Russia's intelligence service, the S.V.R, as a massive long term sleeper cell operation. The redheaded beauty called the femme fatale of a Cold War-style spy case, is a self-styled entrepreneur who dabbled in real estate and espionage. Whatever information she might have shared with the Kremlin, she most certainly had a lot to share with everyone online. Her public LinkedIn profile indicates she was a serial entrepreneur, active in the New York City startup community. She also has a Facebook profile on which she opted to share a number of risqué glamour shots. Anna may have fail as a spy but she is making espionage sexy again. And everyone seem to be reading spy website like Dan Gordon Spy Club to learn more about this operation:

This week the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York filed criminal complaints against ten alleged Russian sleeper agents in the U.S. Although the cases concern U.S. national security, the sleepers were not indicted for espionage but rather for lesser charges of money laundering related felonies and for failure to register as foreign agents, under a law primarily intended for lobbyists representing foreign countries. With the indictment arises a natural question: What was the Russian agents’ purpose in the U.S.?

SVR, the Russian intelligence service, successor to the KGB, spelled out their mission in a 2009 message to two of the defendants. The message was intercepted and decrypted by the FBI and reads, in part, as follows: You were sent to USA for long-term service trip. Your education, bank accounts, car, house etc. – all these serve one goal: fulfill your main mission, i.e. to search and develop ties in policymaking circles in US and send intels [intelligence reports] to C[enter].

The sleepers’ assignment was – if the intercepted message is credible and not a Russian disinformation decoy – to become “agents of influence,” serving the interests of a foreign country, as directed by its intelligence services. These agents, directly or indirectly spread propaganda or disinformation to contacts in rival intelligence agencies, to the general public through the media or to an unwitting highly placed – often political – contact, who would then be manipulated to take actions that advance foreign interests.

But were they trained to influence or recruit influencers? Hardly.

According to the FBI, the sleepers were trained to conduct agent-to-agent communications, to use brush-passes (a clandestine, hand-to-hand delivery of money or documents when one person walks past another in a “flash meeting” in a public place), to run short-wave radio operations and to use invisible writing and codes and ciphers. The training also covered Morse code, the creation and use of a cover profession, counter-surveillance measures, concealment and destruction of equipment and materials used in connection with clandestine work and the avoidance of detection.

Anna, is getting nearly all of attention because of her "vixen' looks and lingerie shots on Facebook. Now, her ex-husband in London says her father was a former KGB officer and that she left him to pursue her startup dreams in the United States. The flame-haired beauty accused of spying for the Russian government, was no low-profile operative content with simply hiding in the shadows. On the contrary, Anna seem to court the limelight. When she wasn't allegedly meeting with her Russian handlers or being duped by undercover agents, she was gallivanting around New York City. Anna has been photographed partying it up at trendy events and living the life of a Manhattan socialite.

Anna networked her way into the New York City entrepreneurial scene. In fact, during New York Entrepreneur Week earlier this summer, she sat down for a video interview to talk about her apartment rental website, You can watch the video below, she is shown in the video discussing her New York real estate search engine company, and TC reports that the video was filmed during New York Entrepreneur Week, which was held April 12th-16th, 2010. Anna does not come across as a very sophisticated businesswoman, or spy for that matter. Initially, she comes across as something of a redheaded ditz flirting with the camera, but as she begins to talk about her business she starts to sound a little more believable. Maybe NYCRentals was just a front to give Chapman an excuse to meet high-profile targets. Or maybe she really thought she could crack the New York City rental market.

She has a masters degree in economics, a lavish apartment in financial district of NY some say was paid for by the . Apparently, Anna tried out a few different looks and hair colors to throw off those F.B.I. and other U.S. authorities but they eventually caught up with her. She is definitely the best looking spy out of the 10 that have been captured, questioned and accused of a orchestrating Cold War style plot against America. The F.B.I. alleges that Anna was on a deep-cover spy mission to penetrate U.S. financial and policy-making circles and glean insider information to funnel back to Moscow. She and her alleged co-conspirators were charged with conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government, as well conspiracy to commit money laundering. The charges she face carry a maximum penalty of five and twenty years in prison, respectively. Click on pictures to enlarge.

The cameraman she is talking to in the video is likely an American undercover agent trying to get info from her:




Anna "Anya" Chapman, maiden name Kushchenko, is a 28 year-old being accused of spying on the United States and working as secret agents for Russia's intelligence service, the SVR. She is the owner of an online international real estate agency PropertyFinder Ltd who moved to New York from London five years ago after the divorce. Anna was born in Russian city of Volgograd in 1982. In 2003 she graduated from a Moscow university and moved to London. In 2010 she came to New York. She attended high society New York parties. Her real estate agency received millions of dollars in investment from an unknown person just before the crisis. And every Wednesday since January she was meeting an official from the Russian government and passing secrets to him. What a story, huh. Cute spy, high society, secrets. Here are some photos of Anna Chapman. She uploaded them to the Russian social networks.

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