Valentina Lizcano Take Nude Swim For SoHo


Here is Colombian actress Valentina Lizcano going for a naked swim while posing for a SoHo magazine shoot. And oh my, this girl is one hot Latina ... so hot in fact she need to be kept submerge underwater like nuclear fuel rods to be safe. No doubt Valentina Lizcano is one hot piece of ass. Most men would willingly go to divorce court because of a girl like Valentina. Take a moment to think about it... If you were on vacation with your wife or girlfriend and given the opportunity to strip down to take a naughty dip with Valentina's wet naked body rubbing against you in the pool, would you go for it? Even if you knew you were going to get caught in 15 minutes, you would still do it wouldn't you? LOL... Anyway, the folks at Soho mag have a nice behind the scene video of this nude photo shoot on their website so go check it out if you want to see Valentina in motion. The video start getting good at the 55 sec mark... Click on pictures to enlarge.

Photo Credit: SoHo


Wiki Bio


Valentina Lizcano birth name Madeline Johana Lizcano Angulo (born April 27, 1984 in Cali, Colombia) is a Colombian actress and model.