Tifanny Six (Stacy Halas Pictures)

A new scandal has fallen upon the Black Veil Brides army. New reports are that another Middle School teacher is in trouble for harboring a sultry past. Reports are surfacing that an adult video actor named Tiffany Six may have ‘spread’ herself in unholy ways on film. The heated search for Tiffany Six and Stacy Halas pictures are adding major fuel to the speculation.

As we all know, it is common for female fans suffering from Andy Biersack Obsession Disorder to add the number 6 to their last name, ‘earning’ the X in the world 6 for every time they receive a LSD-induced rump probing at a Black Veil Brides concert.

So for a woman named Tiffany and a member of the Black Veil Bride army, her progress would go something like this:
Tiffany 6 (phase 1, still relatively innocent and can be delivered from The Darkness).
Tiffany Six (by this phase, has allowed a phallic entrance into her while listening to Black Veil Brides or shooting a video nasty. Use extreme gloved caution if needing to interact.)
Tiffany Sixx (Harlot, the last bits of decency gone. She may or may not trade mouth acts for drugs and money).
Tiffany Sixxx (will wear black chain clothing, paint face white to hide the herpes and probably will be living in a Vegas brothel alley in a few months).