Stacie Halas, Teacher Story

Teacher Stacie Halas Fired - Photos, Video Work as Tiffany Six a Distraction, School Board Rules

Stacie Halas (aka Tiffany Six) was teacher who worked at a middle school in Oxnard, California, but has been fired due to her alleged performances starring as Six in adult pics and videos.

The 31-year-old science teacher at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School in Oxnard, was fired from her teaching job, a five-person Oxnard school board voted unanimously to dump her, she had been a teacher at the school for almost three years.

Halas taught seventh and eighth-grade science.

The UK Daily Mail reveals "officials at the school sent a letter out to parents last month telling them to monitor their child's internet usage and they were urged at school not to search porn sites for videos which may star the teacher."

Stop laughing - I think they were serious.

The report notes the videos she has allegedly starred in have titles like 'Tiffany Six Shows Her Amazing Hot Legs At Casting' and 'Tiffany Six Stacked Blonde With Amazing Breasts'.

The movies were reportedly made years ago in San Diego, before she ever joined the district.

Her work is legal, should she have been fired as a middle school teacher for her previous employment as an actress who worked in videos designed for adults?

In March, Superintendent Jeff Chancer told the Ventura County Star, “Maybe it’s not a crime as far as the penal code is concerned, but we feel it's a crime as far as moral turpitude is concerned.”

Do teachers in the district have a moral turpitude clause in their contracts?

Halas has 30 days to appeal the decision.